Risk of personal injury

Any hazard in the highway (road or pavement) caused as a result of an accident, damage or vandalism may be considered a risk to the public. These hazards could result in personal injury to pedestrians or road-users.

Some types of damage considered to be a risk include:

  • gully or drain cover missing
  • wall exposing a large drop to the rear on either the pavement or road
  • pedestrian guard railing protruding into the pavement or road
  • protruding fencing
  • concrete bollard knocked over onto the pavement or road
  • inspection cover missing or damaged
  • bridge parapets damaged
  • oil spillages on the road
  • lamp columns knocked down, wires exposed or lanterns hanging loose
  • road traffic bollards knocked down or broken
  • sign poles knocked down or sign plates hanging loose
  • traffic signals lights not working or traffic light head broken or hanging loose