Report trips and hazards

You can use our online form to report a trip hazard or defect. To use the form, you need to be signed in to your My B&D account. If you don't have one, you can register for My B&D Account.

Report pavement trip hazards and defects

Alternatively, contact Highways and Environmental Design on 020 8215 3005.

We prioritise trip hazards and other defects on pavements as follows:

Priority 1

  • slab movement, uneven ironwork and potholes with a trip exceeding 20mm in a busy urban area
  • depression greater than 25mm deep and less than 600mm square in area
  • cracking with a gap wider and deeper than 15mm

Priority 2

  • slab movement, uneven ironwork, and potholes with a trip exceeding 20mm in a lightly pedestrianised area
  • major cracking on busy footway (but with a width and depth less than 15mm)
  • overhanging vegetation
  • weeds on the surface on busy footway

Priority 3

  • major cracking on less busy footway (with gap width and depth of less than 15mm)
  • defective trenching with level difference exceeding 10mm
  • standing water (could be Priority 1 if on a busy urban footway and freezing conditions are anticipated)
  • tarmac disintegration (fretting) with less than 20mm difference in level on urban footways
  • weed contamination of footway surface

If the footway has been damaged by a vehicle driving over it, it is important to report the vehicle details (if possible) so we can recover the cost of repairs.

When works are being undertaken on the highway (including the pavement/footway), the organisation carrying out those works is responsible for making sure that there is a safe alternative route for pedestrians and other traffic, and that the highway is satisfactorily reinstated afterwards.