Travel assistance for disabled people

For all Freedom Pass and Taxicard enquiries please call the London councils Freedom Pass call centre on 0300 330 1433.
Please email or call 0208 227 2334.

Disabled persons' Freedom Pass

The Freedom Pass is for people who have a permanent disability that imposes a mobility problem or who are registered as blind. You must be registered with us as a disabled or blind person and meet all of the eligibility criteria to qualify. Once you have checked that you are eligible, contact us for an application form.

Information on renewing your Disabled Person's Freedom Pass on the London Councils website.

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Apply for a Taxicard

The Taxicard scheme allows people with disabilities to use black cabs at reduced fares. You must be unable to use public transport because of a permanent disability. All journeys made must either start or finish in the borough.

How to get a Taxicard

To be eligible you must be unable to use buses or trains because of either blindness or any permanent or long-term disability or injury which seriously impairs your ability to walk. The scheme is not available to people who suffer temporary disabilities (for example, a broken leg).

We have two levels of eligibility:

Band A (104 trips) is for those who without a Taxicard would be unable to travel independently. Applicants must be virtually housebound, unable to use any form of public transport, need door to door transport, be unable to drive and not be in possession of a Freedom Pass.

Band B (60 trips) is for those who are generally unable to travel independently, but on occasions may be able to drive their own car. Applicants must be virtually housebound for most of the time, unable to use any form of public transport, able to drive on occasions and not be in possession of a Freedom Pass.

Wheelchair or mobility scooter users

If you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, we need some additional information from you so that we can establish the best way we can provide the Taxicard service.

Our ability to provide a suitable vehicle for you will be limited if you do not have access to a wheelchair of a type which can be safely secured in a London taxi and you are not able to transfer to a seat when travelling. Many larger electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are unsuitable for use when travelling on the Taxicard scheme

Mobility Services