Preparing your bulky items for collection

It is important that you properly prepare your bulky waste items for collection and place them out at the appropriate time and location.

You must prepare the following items for collection or we won't be able to pick them up.  

  • any glass or mirrors must be wrapped up 
  • sprung footrests in reclining chairs and sofas must be taken apart
  • beds must be taken apart
  • mattresses must be kept dry and placed up against a wall
  • items over 6 feet (1.8 metres) must be taken apart including trampolines and bunk beds
  • electric or oil-filled radiators must be intact and undamaged
  • items should be empty and not be filled with rubbish or other waste
  • carpet, underlay, vinyl or laminate must be cut up and placed in heavy duty rubble sacks, you can get these from a supermarket  
  • exercise equipment must be able to be easily lifted by two people
  • loose items must be put in bin bags 

Where to place your bulky items

You must place your bulky waste items for collection within the front boundary to your property (where you put your usual weekly waste) before 6am on day we have told you we will collect.

We cannot remove items from back gardens or service alleys.