Terms and conditions for bulky waste collections

We will collect items of large household waste, i.e. fridge, sofa, tv etc.  Please note our collection charges and alternative disposal options.

Collections are available from Monday to Friday between 6am and 3pm.

Once your booking had been made you will receive a confirmation email. Before you make your booking please read and accept our terms and conditions and tick the confirmation box to continue.

If you are a council tenant or leaseholder living in a flat, bulky waste collections are included in your service charges only if you pay for a caretaking service.

  1. All payments are non-refundable.
  2. Items for collection must be placed within the front boundary to your property (where your usual waste is presented) before 6 am on the booked collection day. We cannot remove items from back gardens / service alleys.
  3. Loose items i.e. Green waste / Household waste must be bagged. Three bin bags will equal one item.
  4. If the item you require to be collected is not on the list of available options you will need to find an alternative collection method.
  5. You cannot add or change the items to your collection after booking.
  6. We do not give refunds for cancelled collections, or for removing items from a collection.
  7. If you leave out more items than listed in your booking then we will not collect the items not listed. Photographic evidence is taken of all attempted collections.
  8. You may reschedule or cancel a collection up to two working day before the collection date.
  9. Please ensure you follow any relevant guidance below otherwise your items may not be collected

Additional information:

  • Any glass or mirrors must be taped or wrapped
  • Sprung footrests in reclining chairs and sofas must be disabled and all recliners (chairs, beds and sofas) must be completely dismantled
  • Mattresses must be kept dry (e.g. stood up against a wall)
  • Items over 6ft must be dismantled (including trampolines and bunk beds)
  • Electric or oil filled radiators must be intact and undamaged
  • Items should be empty and not filled with rubbish or other items