What does a bulky collection cost

What does a bulky waste collection cost?

A standard collection includes up to 4 items and costs £35.

Additional items cost £7.50 each, you can add up to a maximum of 4 additional items.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to increase the cost of the service this year. This is due to reduced government funding and the increased costs of providing the service. We feel this still represents good value for money, as our service is still cheaper than other London boroughs that provide a similar service.

Can I change my order once I’ve paid for it?

Please note that we can only collect the items listed in your order. You cannot add items to your order once it has been placed, so include everything you need to get rid of. We will not collect anything that is not included in your order if you leave it out.

You can reschedule or cancel a collection up to two working days before the cancellation date, but we do not provide refunds for cancelled collections or items removed from a collection order.