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Bulky waste

Bulky waste collections

If you are a council tenant or leaseholder living in a flat, bulky waste collections are included in your service charges only if you pay for a caretaking service.

Do not leave bulky items in your bins or communal areas as it can pose a fire risk or other hazard.

You can leave your items in the bin shed/collection area for your block and the items will be collected within 5 working days.  You do not need to book a collection. 

We offer a bulky waste collection for the rest of our residents, which we charge for and collections are available Monday to Friday, between 6am and 3pm.

Alternative options

Before you make an order please consider the following options which are free.

Our recycling centres are local so if you have transport you can take your items there and it’s free of charge

Freecycle  and Freegle are nonprofit movements of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighbourhoods. You can give your old items to someone in the community. Membership is free and this is often the quickest and easiest way to get rid of a useful item. 

You may be able to sell your unwanted item on Ebay, Gumtree or Schpock

If you can’t donate or sell your item, and do not wish to use our bulky waste collection service, you could try Lovejunk, a marketplace for waste removal. They will find your cheapest available licensed waste collector and are widely recommended by London councils.

Please do not dump your items in the street. If you do, you can be prosecuted and fined. We want our borough to be clean and a place to be proud of. You can visit our Wall of shame page, if you know somebody who has dumped rubbish, you can report them using our online flytipping report.

Order your collection

Before you make your order, please read the information below about what we can and can't collect, how much you need to pay and how to present your items for collection.

You can't add anything to your order once you have made it or be refunded, so make sure you include everything you need to dispose of and all the information is correct. 

Please also be aware that if you're unable to select a date for collection, this may be due to there being no availability and all the slots have been taken.  If this happens, please come back to the form at a later date. 

If you experience a technical issue with the form, please use the website feedback or the webform feedback to report.

Book a bulky waste collection

What we don't collect

We can't collect these items 

You may be able to dispose of these items at one of our recycling centres.  

Check which of these materials can be accepted at one of our recycling centres.

What we do collect

You must tell us about all of the items when you book your bulky waste collection. We won't be able to collect anything you haven't included in your order.

Once you have placed your order you won't be able to add anything else to it, so have a good think about what you need to get rid of and include everything you need in the order.  

The full list of items we collect is in the table below. Three bin-sized bags count as one item.

Items we collect   
animal hutch/kennelarmchair barbecuebath (not cast iron)
bed base bedside cabinetbicycleblinds (one set)
bookcase or cabinet bunk bed frame carpet, underlay, vinyl or laminatechest of drawers
child's cotclothes horse or driercommodecompost bin
computer or games consolecomputer monitorcookercooker hub
cupboarddeskchair - dining, rocking, garden (up to 2)dishwasher
doordustbinelectric radiatorexercise machine 
fire surround (wood)fish tank footstool/pouffefridge or freezer (domestic, any size)
golf clubs (including bag)headboard (any size)Hi-fi system/DVD/video player (single unit)household tools 
household waste individual shelves (up to 3 count as one item)ironing boardkitchen cabinet 
kitchen utensils lawnmowermattress (any size)


mirrorottomanpaddling poolpiano
play equipmentpushchairradiator rotary line
satellite dishsewing machineshelf unitshower cubicle 
sinksmall electrical goods (up to 3) snooker or pool tablesofa 
speakers (up to 5)stair gatestrimmer suitcase
sun loungertable (any size)toilettoilet seat
trampoline tumble dryer or spin dryerTVTV cabinet
vacuum cleanerwalking aidswardrobewashing machine or washer dryer
water buttwheelbarrowwheelchairworktop (one piece)

Cost for collections

We can only collect the items you include in your order. You can't add items to your order once you have made it, so make you include everything you need to get rid of. If you leave something out that is not included in your order we won't collect it.   

You may reschedule or cancel a collection up to two working days before the cancellation date but we do not give refunds for cancelled collections, or if you remove items from a collection order.

Number of itemsCharge
1 to 4£10
5 to 8£20
9 to 12£30
13 to 16£40
17 to 20£50
21 to 24£60
25 to 28£70

Three bin-sized bags count as one item.

Preparing your items for collection

It’s really important you properly prepare your bulky waste items for collection and put them out at the right time and in the right place. 

Preparing your items

You must prepare the following items for collection or we won't be able to pick them up.  

  • any glass or mirrors must be wrapped up 
  • sprung footrests in reclining chairs and sofas must be taken apart
  • beds must be taken apart
  • mattresses must be kept dry and placed up against a wall
  • items over 6 feet (1.8 metres) must be taken apart including trampolines and bunk beds
  • electric or oil-filled radiators must be intact and undamaged
  • items should be empty and not be filled with rubbish or other waste
  • carpet, underlay, vinyl or laminate must be cut up and placed in heavy duty rubble sacks, you can get these from a supermarket  
  • exercise equipment must be able to be easily lifted by two people
  • loose items must be put in bin bags 

Where to place your items

You must place your bulky waste items for collection within the front boundary to your property (where you put your usual weekly waste) before 6am on day we have told you we will collect.

We cannot remove items from back gardens or service alleys.

Missed collections 

If you booked your bulky collection using your My B&D account, you can chase this through your ticket history. If you did not book this through My B&D, you can use our form to report a missed bulky waste collection.

Terms and conditions

We will collect items of large household waste, i.e. fridge, sofa, tv etc.  Please note our collection charges and alternative disposal options.

Collections are available from Monday to Friday between 6am and 3pm.

Once your booking had been made you will receive a confirmation email. Before you make your booking please read and accept our terms and conditions and tick the confirmation box to continue.

If you are a council tenant or leaseholder living in a flat, bulky waste collections are included in your service charges only if you pay for a caretaking service.

  1. All payments are non-refundable.
  2. Items for collection must be placed within the front boundary to your property (where your usual waste is presented) before 6 am on the booked collection day. We cannot remove items from back gardens / service alleys.
  3. Loose items i.e. Green waste / Household waste must be bagged. Three bin bags will equal one item.
  4. If the item you require to be collected is not on the list of available options you will need to find an alternative collection method.
  5. You can't add extra items to your collection after making a booking.
  6. We do not give refunds for cancelled collections, or for removing items from a collection.
  7. If you leave out more items than listed in your booking then we will not collect the items not listed. Photographic evidence is taken of all attempted collections.
  8. You may reschedule or cancel a collection up to two working day before the collection date.
  9. Please ensure you follow any relevant guidance below otherwise your items may not be collected

Additional information:

  • Any glass or mirrors must be taped or wrapped
  • Sprung footrests in reclining chairs and sofas must be disabled and all recliners (chairs, beds and sofas) must be completely dismantled
  • Mattresses must be kept dry (e.g. stood up against a wall)
  • Items over 6ft must be dismantled (including trampolines and bunk beds)
  • Electric or oil filled radiators must be intact and undamaged
  • Items should be empty and not filled with rubbish or other items