How to link your Council Tax account to your My B&D account

You will need:

  • your Council Tax reference number (this can be found on your Council Tax bill)
  • the amount of your last Council Tax payment made (you'll need to have made at least one payment before managing your account online)
  • your National Insurance number
  • the phone number you used when registering for Council Tax


1. Go onto Barking and Dagenham's website and click on the My B&D icon

2. Log in or register

3. After you've logged in, scroll down to Council Tax and click "Manage your Council Tax account"

4. Click "Add service"

5. Click "Add" underneath Council Tax

6. Scroll down and click "Confirm"

7. Add your Council Tax reference number, which can be found on your Council Tax bill, and click "Access now"

8. Enter the amount of Council Tax you last paid to us, your National Insurance number, Last name of the person on the bill, postcode and phone number. Click "Next"

9. Now you've successfully linked your account, you have the option to sign up for paperless billing. You can enter your email, how you'd like to receive bills and click "Sign up" or choose "Not now"

10. Your Council Tax details will now appear on the My Services dashboard. Click "Show more details"

11. You can now see your account information and manage your account online

After your account is linked 

You will be able to:

  • check your balance/ how much you need to pay
  • sign up to paper-less billing rather than post
  • set up Direct Debit
  • apply for discounts
  • tell us you're moving