Parking and traffic restrictions

Enforcing parking and traffic restrictions

We enforce parking and traffic restrictions fairly and consistently to help traffic flow smoothly. We want to make sure our streets are safe for road users and pedestrians.

Our civil enforcement officers are on patrol to enforce our parking restrictions. They will issue a penalty charge notice (PCN), also known as a parking ticket, to a vehicle they see in contravention of a restriction.

There are also closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras along main roads throughout the borough. These cameras are mainly used by the council’s Community Safety section, working together with the police.

Some cameras are approved for use in detecting and issuing PCNs. All our CCTV operators are fully trained to issue PCNs.

Mobile CCTV vehicles are used to prioritise enforcement in areas where local residents have complained about the high number of motorists ignoring the restrictions in place.

Code of Practice on Civil Parking Enforcement

Parking and traffic fines

These fines are issued for various reasons, such as:

  • parking on school keep-clear signs
  • double parking
  • parking in an area with waiting or loading/unloading restrictions indicated by a yellow line
  • parking on the pavement
  • loading bays when there has been no loading or unloading activity from a vehicle for 5 minutes
  • violations on bus lanes and other moving traffic contraventions
  • banned turnings
  • ignoring directional signs
  • driving in pedestrian zones

Paying a PCN (penalty charge notice)

Before you pay your penalty charge notice (PCN) you must have the PCN reference number and a credit or debit payment card to hand. PCN reference numbers begin with either BU or BZ. Do not duplicate the payment process - this may cause additional payments.

Pay a penalty charge notice

Approved box junctions

We have Department for Transport authorisation documents for our box junctions.

Heathway and Upney Lane

Heathway and Upney Lane DfT authorisation

The sites are as follows:

  • Site A: Heathway, junction with Parsloes Avenue and Reede Road
  • Site B: Heathway, junction with Hedgemans Road and Church Elm Lane
  • Site C: Upney Lane, junction with Meadow Road

Junction of Lodge Avenue and Woodward Road

Junction of Lodge Avenue and Woodward Road DfT authorisation