Vehicle removals

Find your vehicle

If your car has been removed, you can find it using TRACE, the towed vehicle tracing service. Enter your vehicle's details online or call 0300 077 0100 to find out where the vehicle has been taken and how much the release fee is. You can also text ‘TRACE’ followed by your Vehicle Registration Mark to 66663 (charges may apply for this service).

TRACE - towed vehicle tracing service


The vehicle release fee and penalty charge notices (PCN,s) must be paid before the vehicle can be released from our car pound. 

For further information please contact our Parking Engagement Line: 0203 3074967 whom will advise you of the next steps.

You will need to produce documents outlined below sending to our parking removals email address and provide a telephone number for an officer to contact you to take payment for your vehicle being released at a fixed cost £200 for the removal fee and Penalty charge notices.

You will also need to produce documents outlined below, prior to the vehicle being released. Acceptable documents should all contain the same name and address: You should provide proof of ownership (V5, V5C or V11, insurance policy), proof of identity (photo driving licence or passport) plus a utility bill or bank statement. These documents must be no more than 3 months old. Additional documents may be required.

Please do not attend the pound until the above steps have been completed and you have been advised that you may collect your vehicle.

Permit misuse and PCN evasion

The council reserves the right to immediately cancel any permits obtained without supplying the correct documentation and proof of the vehicle being registered to a Barking and Dagenham address within a (CPZ) Controlled parking zone required to purchase a permit.

Any incorrectly or fraudulently purchased permit will be cancelled and could be authorised for removal.

If your vehicle has been removed for Blue Badge (disabled drivers' permit) misuse / fraud you will need to call the customer engagement line 0203 3074967 and book a vehicle release slot.

if permit misuse, voucher misuse or you are a persistent evader of penalty charge notices you will need to provide the requested additional documents. (no more than 3 months old) proof of ownership and one proof  of photo identity, Passport / Driving licence .


You are entitled to appeal against the PCN and removal of the vehicle immediately after paying for the relevant parking ticket and removal release fees.

You can appeal your PCN and removal by visiting our parking portal below.

Appeal your PCN and removal

Vehicle pound details

Pound address

Vehicle Pound, Jeffreys Road, Enfield, EN3 7UA


Telephone number

0203 3074967

Opening hours

8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Please note, vehicles will only be released between the hours of 8:30am and 3pm once the fees and documentation have been received.

Accepted payment method

Bank card only

The correct documents you need to collect your vehicle.

It's the responsibility of the registered owner/keeper to produce all documentation in all circumstances.

  1. Proof of identity – valid photo ID 

This means either:

  • driving licence
  • passport
  • national identity card
  • identity card issued by a reputable UK body, for example, HMRC or UK Visas and Immigration 

We won't accept a student or employer’s ID.

  1. Proof of ownership

You must produce documents to satisfy us that you were the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle at the point of removal or seizure. 

Photocopies of documents won't be accepted.

There are two options available:

Option A

You must produce two of these documents: if you’re the current owner.

  • proof of address to match the address on the V5C

Council tax bill, utility Bill within 3 months 

  • the current log book (V5C) in the name of the owner
  • Valid insurance document 

Option B (if you're the new owner of the vehicle)

You must produce these documents:

  • proof of address to match the address on the V5C
  • the new keeper supplement/slip from the current V5C in the name of the owner, unaltered and dated within two months of being presented
  • a reputable and verifiable bill of sale, which must be dated within two months of being presented (this must not be handwritten or altered in any way)
  • a completed application for a vehicle registration certificate (V62)
  • Valid insurance document 

The V62 and the V5C slip must be given to the pound staff, along with an envelope and a stamp. These documents will be sent to the DVLA to make sure the vehicle is properly registered in your name unless you can provide evidence that an online application has been made with a refrence number.

Foreign plated vehicles (alongside the above).

A foreign registered vehicle can be used in the UK for six months if it is fully taxed in the home country. After this, the vehicle must be registered with the DVLA and will no longer have a foreign registration plate.

The council will require evidence that a foreign plated vehicle is taxed in its home country.

If there is evidence to suggest the vehicle has been in the UK for more then six months in the last 12 months the vehicle owner will have to produce evidence the vehicle has been re-registered with DVLA and new UK number plates displayed on the vehicle prior to release.

Motor trader

If a vehicle ‘in trade’ is on a road without valid trade licence plates displayed at the point of being impounded, it must be registered to an owner immediately. Please note, you must have a set of valid trade plates to display on the vehicle if it's being driven away from the car pound.

Before collection of the vehicle alongside proof of I.D and ownership the following additional documents is required 

  • the current log book (V5C) unaltered with the sale/transfer to motor trader slip detached
  • a reputable and verifiable bill of sale (this must not be handwritten) or trade book.

In all other circumstances the motor trader must comply with the two options above.

The council reserves the right to request further evidence of identity, address, or vehicle ownership and to refuse the release of a vehicle until the council is satisfied of the veracity of the documents provided.