Disagree with a Council Tax decision/apply for a refund

Find out how to appeal a Council Tax decision including a mistake on your bill or whether your property should be exempt.

You must continue to pay Council Tax while your appeal is being considered.  If your appeal is successful you will be entitled to a refund of any overpaid Council Tax.

    Appeals against Council Tax decisions

    You can appeal against your Council Tax decision if you think that you should not pay Council Tax because: 

    • your property should be exempt
    • you are not the resident or owner
    • you should receive a discount 
    • a mistake has been made in your bill

    You need to make your appeal in writing via email. We have two months from the date of received your appeal to provide an outcome. 

    We have two months from the date of receiving your appeal to provide an outcome. 

    If, after receiving our decision your remain dissatisfied, you have further right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

    Appeals against your Council Tax support (benefits)

    You can ask for a detailed explanation of how we reached a Council Tax Support decision. You can also request we reconsider our decision. 

    More information on how to appeal a decision.

    Appeals against valuation bands

    Your Council Tax band is decided by the Valuation Office Agency.

    More information about appeals to the Valuation Office Agency.