What happens if you don’t pay

Learn what happens if you don’t pay your Council Tax including reminders, summons and bailiffs.

Late payment

You must ensure you pay your council tax on time. If you pay late then you will be sent a reminder letter. You will lose your right to pay by instalments if you do not pay the full amount by the required date. You will need to pay the full amount. 

Please be aware that payments made at the Post Office, PayPoint, PayZone or at our libraries take an extra 5 days to reach your account. You must ensure your payment has reached us, on or before the date shown on your bill.  

Pay now to bring your account up to date

If you want to make sure your payments reach us on time you should set up a direct debit. 


If you pay the full amount due shown on the summons now then no further action will be taken. 

Pay now to bring your account up to date

If you cannot pay the full amount then you need to act immediately and request a repayment arrangement with us.

Once your repayment arrangement is agreed then we will take no further action. 

The easiest way to request a repayment arrangement is to do this online through My B&D, via the Council Tax page. Click on ‘More options’ then ‘Arrangement manager’ followed by ‘Make an arrangement’.

If you don't have a My B&D Account then you can easily set one up.

Log in or register to My B&D

If you're no longer responsible for paying the Council Tax or the summons has been sent incorrectly, please contact us on 0208 227 2926.

Court hearings and COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 and your safety, temporary measures have been put in place and the Liability Order hearing will now be held remotely via video link at the Barking Learning Centre and not at the Magistrates Court.

You can stop proceedings by paying in full or setting up an arrangement which is easiest to do online via My B&D or by telephone with one of our advisers.

If you need any additional help with your Council Tax account, we advise you contact us directly. 

We are here to help you. We can identify any reductions to your bill that you may be entitled to or connect you to free debt advice.

If you do feel that you need to attend the court hearing in person then you must make an appointment with us no later that 3pm the day before your hearing on 020 8227 2926.

If you do not have an appointment, you will not be able to speak to the Magistrate.

Bailiffs (enforcement agents)

If you have already been contacted by an enforcement agent then you must call them directly.  See their websites listed below: