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Where you can park

There are several types of parking spaces where you can park your vehicle in the borough. Parking availability varies on the location and other factors such as the type of permit or badge you have. Find out locations of our car parks, disabled parking facilities, pay and display parking spaces and information about traffic and parking schemes.

Map based parking information Toggle accordion

Locate Controlled Parking Zone information, Resident and Business Parking Bays or Parking Restrictions in Barking and Dagenham.

Barking & Dagenham TraffWeb

You can check exactly where parking restrictions are located and see what type of parking restrictions are in place in the borough.

Information on how to use the site is displayed when you first access the site.

Pay for parking by phone Toggle accordion

Paying with PayByPhone

You can pay for parking using your mobile phone in council car parks and some on-street parking bays. The service, provided by PayByPhone, allows you to pay for parking with your debit or credit card.

Pay by phone

If you are using the PayByPhone service for the first time, you need to register by calling PayByPhone on 020 7005 0055 or by registering online.

Register to use PayByPhone

PayByPhone app

Download the PayByPhone smartphone app to manage your parking.

Download the PayByPhone app

Benefits of PayByPhone phone payment

There are some good reasons to use PayByPhone when you park:

  • No need to carry coins around with you
  • No queuing at the ticket machine
  • Simple to use - just call PayByPhone with the location code from the tariff board where you are parking
  • You can extend your parking period from wherever you are, so there is no need to rush back to your vehicle to buy another ticket


Parking will be charged at the usual rate for the place where you park using PayByPhone. There is no additional fee to pay by phone.

Your calls to pay for your parking are charged at your phone tariff’s normal landline rate, and texts are also at the standard rate. Any free minutes or texts you have available may be used.

More information about PayByPhone

Find out more at PayByPhone Support UK.

Parking spaces in the borough Toggle accordion

Types of parking spaces

There are several types of parking spaces where you can park your vehicle in the borough. These spaces vary depending on the area and other factors such as the type of permit or badge you have.

Permit bays

We have a number of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs), where you require and use an appropriate parking permit in order to park there.

On-street pay and display (or pay by phone)

There are a number of locations around Barking and Dagenham where you can pay to park in an on-street bay, either at a ticket machine or by phone.

You may park free of charge in these bays outside the chargeable hours. 

Parking payments are now cashless

All of our parking machines only accept credit, debit and contactless payments. Parking machines do not accept cash payment. This is in addition to PayByPhone (pay by phone).

This affects parking at these locations:

  • The Mall multi-storey car park (Heathway)
  • Faircross Parade
  • London Road multi-storey car park
  • Fiddlers shopping parade
  • Roycraft House car park (staff parking only)

Council car parks

We operate 2 multi-storey car parks in Barking and Dagenham, as well as a number of surface car parks.

Disabled Blue Badge holder bays

We have a number of parking bays reserved for use by disabled drivers who are Blue Badge holders only. Also, Blue Badge holders are able to park (without restriction) in resident permit bays.

Free parking bays

There are some limited stay, free parking bays in the borough.

Council car parks Toggle accordion

There are a number of council-operated car parks in Barking and Dagenham. Tariff information and times are listed below.

Customers are able to pay for parking at all our car parks via PayByPhone. Payments must be made by debit, credit or contactless payment card.

You can either pay by phone or via the PayByPhone app on your smartphone. You can call PayByPhone on 020 7005 0055.

Axe Street Service Road car park

(PayByPhone Code 805623)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.

Barking Park Western car park

(PayByPhone Code 805624)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.


Bobby Moore Way car park

(PayByPhone Code 805625)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.


Heathway multi-storey car park

(PayByPhone Code 805626)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.


London Road multi-storey car park

(PayByPhone Code 805654)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.

A season ticket is available for this car park. Also, you should note that there is a height restriction of 2.05m (6ft 9in) in this car park.

Riverside area car park

(PayByPhone Code 805629)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.


Wantz Road car park

(PayByPhone Code 805656)

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.


Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders are entitled to 4 hours free parking in a designated disabled bay.

On-street pay and display (pay by phone) locations Toggle accordion

Our pay for parking locations

Motorists are entitled to an initial 30 minutes' parking without charge when parked at any of the on-street pay and display (pay by phone) locations, after which payment must be made as appropriate.

The free 30 minutes session must be booked through PayByPhone (app or telephone) and can only be used in one location per day.

Maximum 4 hours stay, no return within 2 hours.

Tariff information

If a pay-and-display machine is not available, you must either pay by phone or via the PayByPhone app on your smartphone. You can call PayByPhone on 020 700 5055.

If you leave your vehicle in the bay without payment, you may be liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Emissions based tariffs will be published shortly.

Zone nameLocation numberTariff
Abbey Road805635Major Onstreet
Barnmead Road805648District Onstreet
Becontree Avenue, Fiddlers shopping area805660Major Onstreet
Beverly Road (opposite 144 - 106)805649District Onstreet
Broad Street805658District Onstreet
Cartwright Road805735District Onstreet
Chaplin Road805736District Onstreet
Clockhouse Avenue (next to Town Hall)805636Major Onstreet
Dagenham Avenue805667District Onstreet
Faircross Parade805637District Onstreet
Gale Street (o/s Jo Richardson School)805661District Onstreet
George Street805635Major Onstreet
Goresbrook Road (o/s John's Church & Comm Centre)805731District Onstreet
Goresbrook Road805666District Onstreet
Green Lane area805662District Onstreet
Halbutt Street (outside 69)805651District Onstreet
Halbutt Street (outside 147, outside 145)805650District Onstreet
Harrow Road805638Major Onstreet
Hatfield Road805732District Onstreet
High Road, Chadwell Heath805646Major Onstreet
Levet Road and Hurstbourne Gardens805733District Onstreet
London Road, Barking805635Major Onstreet
Longbridge Road/outside Barking Park entrance805639Major Onstreet
Morden Road805647District Onstreet
Osborne Square805664District Onstreet
Oxlow Lane  o/s Catholic Church of the Holy Family805652District Onstreet
Park Avenue, Barking805640Major Onstreet
Parsloes Avenue (opposite 260 - 242, opposite 10)805653District Onstreet
Rippleside Industrial Estate805643District Onstreet
Rippleside Cemetery area805641Major Onstreet
Ripple Road (town centre)805636Major Onstreet
Ripple Road (by Westbury Arms)805642Major Onstreet
Royal Parade (Church Elm Lane)805665District Onstreet
St Paul’s Road805635Major Onstreet
Urswick Road805668District Onstreet
Vincent Road805734District Onstreet
Wakering Road805644Major Onstreet


New and proposed traffic and parking schemes

New and proposed traffic and parking schemes Toggle accordion

ID349 - Proposal to extend Controlled Parking Zones (Phase 3)

In September last year (2020) we carried out consultation with residents and businesses about extending or introducing new Controlled Parking Zones for the areas listed below:

  • Area I – CPZ HW2
  • Area J - CPZ UP

A decision has now been reached for the following schemes:

Where can I find more information?

Answers to frequently asked CPZ questions (PDF, 134KB)

Areas I and J

We are in the process of analysing all feedback received following consultation regarding the above areas and will write to residents previously consulted, with an outcome shortly

Useful information

Criteria we used when making a decision (PDF, 194 KB)

Information about the permits and current costs

30 minutes free parking

Local businesses and shoppers can benefit from plans to introduce 30 minutes free on-street parking in shopping parades. Our parking strategy aims to make parking fairer and safer for motorists, pedestrians and businesses across Barking and Dagenham. It aims to reduce congestion while helping to make a greener, healthier borough.

The strategy includes cheaper parking permits for electric or hybrid cars, parking permits for carers, more cycling bays and routes and tougher enforcement on parking around schools.

ID358 - Disabled Parking Bays

This order is to introduce new Disabled Parking only restrictions within specific on-street locations within the borough as well as removing those that are no longer required.

Notice of Making - ID358 (PDF, 129KB)
Statement of reason - ID358 (PDF, 8KB)

ID362 - Mill Point - New parking arrangement

Due to vehicle access issues within the section of road between Abbey Road to Mill Point, a new parking arrangement is to be put in place to indicate to motorists where they can and cannot park.

The scheme will go live on Monday 1 June 2020.

Notice of making - ID362 (PDF, 87KB)
Scheme plan - ID362 (PDF, 134KB)
Statement of reason - ID362 (PDF, 48KB)

ID363 -  Fees and charges 2021 (on street and off street)

In line with the agreed council fees and charges as approved by Cabinet, the new structure will become effective from 1 February 2021.

Notice of Making - ID363 (PDF, 690KB)
Statement of reason - ID363 (PDF, 27KB)

ID364 - Extension to pedestrian zone, East Street, Barking

We have amended the existing pedestrian zone on East Street so that it extends from the junction with North Street to the junction with Ripple Road.

Implementing this scheme will reduce congestion and increase safety to pedestrians.

Notice of Making - ID364 (PDF, 64KB)
Scheme plan - ID364 (PDF, 114KB)
Statement of reason - ID364 (PDF, 52KB)

10060(A) - School Street Permits

We intend to introduce a weight restriction prohibiting vehicles that exceed 7.5 tonnes from proceeding along these roads:

  • Beresford Gardens
  • Cavendish Gardens

Notice of Intent - 10060(A) (PDF, 101KB)

10197 - Bennetts Castle Lane, junction with Lindisfarne Road - New Traffic Calming Measures

As part of the Road Safety Programme for 2019-2020, we will be making some road safety improvements to the junction at the above location. 

The order will become effective on Friday 15 May 2020.

Notice of making - 10197 (PDF, 64KB)
Scheme plan - 10197 (PDF, 252KB)
Statement of reason - 10197 (PDF, 9KB)

10217 Town Quay – change to road layout and restrictions

We intend to make an Experimental Order to introduce No Entry Except Cycles, banned turns, One Way and weight restrictions.

Notice of Making - 10217 (PDF, 92KB)
Scheme plan - 10217 (PDF, 499KB)
Statement of Reason - 10217 (PDF, 55KB)

10225 - School Street Permits

We intend to introduce an Experimental Order which will implement pedestrian and cycle zones and no motor vehicles in five school locations across the borough and will operate Monday to Friday 8am to 9.15am and 2.45pm to 4pm, except for School Street Permit holders only. 

The Order will become effective on Monday 2 November 2020.

Notice of making - 10225 (PDF, 87KB)
Statement of reason - 10225 (PDF, 8KB)

Scheme plans

Becontree School - 10225 (PDF, 288KB) 
Dorothy Barley School - 10225 (PDF, 327KB) 
Eastbury School - 10225 (PDF, 296KB)
Grafton School - 10225 (PDF, 302KB)
Manor School - 10225 (PDF, 310KB)

10227 - Abbey Road bus lane - Amendment to current layout

Due to the relocation of the current bus terminal located in London Road, Barking, it is proposed that 3 new bus stands are created within the current bus and cycle lane located at the junction of Abbey Road to London Road. It is also proposed that an additional exit is also implemented onto the London Road roundabout (The Lighted Lady of Barking).

Notice of Intent - 10227 (PDF, 103KB)
Proposed new layout and restrictions - 10227 (PDF, 430KB)
Scheme plan - 10227 (PDF, 184KB)
Statement of reason - 10227 (PDF, 28KB)

10233 Cambridge Road, Barking - new loading bay and new limited waiting bay

We intend to introduce a goods vehicles loading only parking bay and a limited waiting parking bay on Cambridge Road.

Implementing this scheme will provide additional parking for visitors and local deliveries to the area.

Notice of Making - 10233 (PDF, 64KB)
Scheme plan - 10233 (PDF, 178KB)
Statement of reason - 10233 (PDF, 48KB)

10250 Traffic Calming Scheme (Eliot Road, Haskard Rd, Wren Road, Christopher Gardens, Durrell Road and Durrell Gardens)

We intend to make an Experimental Order to introduce No Entry Except Cycles, banned turns, One Way, and 20MPH zone as part of an overall Traffic Calming scheme in the above roads.

As part of the same scheme, we will also install speed cushions on sections of Wren Road and Haskard Road.

Notice of Making - 10250 (PDF, 92KB) 
Public Notice (speed cushions) - 10250 (PDF, 98KB)
Scheme plan - 10250 (PDF, 254KB) 
Statement of Reason - 10250 (PDF, 70KB)

10255 Traffic Calming Schemes

We intend to introduce traffic calming measures by installing raised tables at the following locations:

Manor Road, junction with Rainham Road South - 10255 (PDF, 231KB) 
Crown Street, junction with Rainham road South - 10255 (PDF, 92KB) 
Trefgarne Road, junction with Marston Avenue - 10255 (PDF, 204KB) 
Marston Avenue, junction with Wood Lane - 10255 (PDF, 204KB) 
Keppel Road, junction with Wood Lane - 10255 (PDF, 246KB)

Public Notice (speed cushions) - 10255 (PDF, 66KB)  

10257 St Ann’s

This order is to revoke the Disabled Blue Badge Holders Only Bay on St Ann’s, to allow a new access road to be built.

Notice of Intent - 10257 (PDF, 129KB)
Statement of reason - 10257 (PDF, 49KB)
Scheme plan - 10257 (PDF, 191KB)

10259 New Cycle Tracks

As part of a wider scheme to provide improved and safe access for both cyclists and pedestrians, the council will be upgrading as well as introducing new cycle contraflows and shared use cycle tracks in the borough at the locations listed below.

10265 Electric vehicle charging bays

This order is to relocate the existing electric vehicle charging bays from outside of 427 Becontree Avenue to outside of 424 and 436 Becontree Avenue.

Notice of making - 10265 (PDF, 60KB)
Scheme plan - 10265 (PDF, 535KB)
Statement of reason - 10265 (PDF, 53KB)

10280 – Longbridge Road junction with Lichfield Rd

We intend to extend the double yellow line parking restrictions on Longbridge Road either side of the junction with Lichfield Road:

Notice of Intent - 10280 (PDF, 60KB)