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Parking permits

You need a parking permit to park your vehicle in some roads in Barking and Dagenham. Find out what permits you can buy, how and where to buy them, and prices.

Create a new permit account

To cancel your permit, please email parking.permits@lbbd.gov.uk.
Please allow up to 20 days for any refunds due you to credited to  you.

New permit system guide - How to setup and buy resident permits (PDF, 384KB)

Types of permits

  • Temporary resident parking permit: if you have just bought a vehicle or if you have recently moved into a controlled parking zone, and the documents needed for a full resident permit haven’t arrived yet.
  • Business/ trade permits: for businesses based in controlled parking zones and businesses who provide boroughwide services
  • School street permits: for residents who live or carers who work on a school street which is a controlled parking zone.
  • William Street Quarters permit: A resident parking permit is sold to eligible residents living within William Street Quarters, which allows a vehicle to park in a marked bay within the area
  • Car free development permits: commuters and residents can pay or subscribe for parking in our car parks
  • Community and healthcare permits: key workers, care agencies and volunteers can apply for a permit to park in resident bays in emergencies.
  • School staff and teacher permits: if you are a teacher or staff in a school within a Controlled Parking Zone ( CPZ), you can apply for a permit to park your vehicle in a Resident’s parking bay in that CPZ.
  • London Ambulance Service and Associate Groups permits: Associate commuter permits are available to people who work for partner organisations of the council
  • Courtesy Blue Badge: you can apply for a virtual courtesy Blue Badge if you hold a Blue Badge and live in a Controlled Parking Zone

More permit information

Change details
Cancel or make a change to your permit

Waivers and dispensations
You can purchase parking dispensations and waiver permits. They allow you to park in resident or shared use (unmarked) bays for specific circumstances such as domestic removals, weddings or building works.

Permit prices
Find out prices for different permits.

Terms and conditions